Research Poster 2

I have finalised my question, “does visual poetry have more impact than spoken word” this is a great question for me because I am also working on producing a visual poem inthe middle of these two assignments I’m currently working on!

Research Poster

New week, new module. This time we have to think of a question in relation to our own media practices, and answer that question purely through research…we are making a research poster.

Client ModuleĀ 

Working in university, we have now been given a module wherein we have to work with a client or produce content for a competition to fulfil the brief at hand. I have found my client and look forward to working on this module because it’s a chance to show what I can actually do

New module

The module is focused on client work and how we can solve or find a solution for a company/client that we’ll be working with. The three things I have taken away from this seminar is that I need to produce evidence and more than one design for whoever I am going to be working for. … More New module

Elite P3

  This is what I have recently been working on for Elite Nation Studios. I have setup the Instagram page so I can publish my work and I’ve been getting really good feedback. Take a look below.

Risk Assesment

Film Production Risk Assessment Form Today I finally finished the risk assessment for, this form is very very important in production because we will need to know what to do in case of a fire in whatever location we end up shooting in. The risk assessment will also have all the emergency numbers we might … More Risk Assesment