Poetic Mindset

George The Poet is a 24-year-old from Harlesden, London. I specificity chose this poetic piece of his as a point of interest because I admire the way he captured the ever evolving loop of “boy meets girl”. I find that the metaphors he employs depict the picture he’s painting more vivid and artistic. The background music that is in this particular poem also captures you and gets you nodding along to the rhythm and his rhyme pattern. Certain lines he uses personally stand out for me e.g. “I’m overloaded with lies when I role with the guys…” That personally stands out to me because when I’m amongst my friends I have a overwhelming amount of confidence, not to say that I lack confidence when alone. Another line that stands out for me is “The one giving 100% is the one that resents this…” mainly because I find that it is a rare occurrence for both parties in a relationship to give each other 100% of themselves in our superficial generation. Altogether I like this poem and have listened to it many times over (50% because I like the beat & 50% cause I enjoy the poem). I would recommend everyone who likes poetry to listen to it.


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