The foundation of your lily

lotus-flower-wallpaper-14881So you won’t be content with the statement that “I’m not like these other guys” huh; So please vision…two flowers that grew up together, daily the sun arose and kissed them, showing them affection. With a hug so tight! Rays of light danced and sang in a majestic fashion to show them passion… So time passes and as seasons go, the trials of waters tested the roots to see how deep they’d grown…in close fraction and only in site they both looked alike…difference is, as one never gave up the ideal and possibility, he spread his roots in hope to soak his hands in springs of water only trees could foresee! While his brother craved the adoration he saw that came from women’s faces when they smelt his fragrant in amazement  “this is the life!”…until life picks you up and snatches your surface based roots.

Know the foundation of your Lily

Written by: OfficiallyKing


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