Knowledge is Power


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela.

It times past I can’t say I was the most the most enthusiastic young person when it came to eduction! As we often find ourselves going there to see our friends and soon find ourselves wanting the day to hasten along because we want to be set free from the control and ruling of someone we feel we have no obligation to, school from a very early age didn’t appeal to me, more specifically the academic side of it. Through time I have found that not all human minds particularly work the same; I thrived more in practical creative projects then I did in gathering a lot of information and storing it in my brain in hopes to ace an exam i.e. being intelligent. I say that to simply say, though I may know my short comings, it no excuse to then slack further in what which is not natural. One of the problems I have had in terms of my education was a tutor that was not really as attentive as they should have been. Though they did the job required, the time in which it was done was so, that most of the class got their work marked late and everyone finished the course a few weeks later than we should have. I have also come to see my own flaws in the area! My attention span is not too helpful when I get comfortable and make friends around a campus! I would rather often kill time with my friends at a drop of a hat rather than get on with what I was actually meant to be doing. To some degree it was due to the estimate I have of my work ethic…being that when I set myself up the best environment to work in, I have produce the best work I can conjure up, but I often didn’t do this, I just left it to chance as my tutors told me of the potential I have. In conclusion as they say “knowledge is power” true! but knowledge of self is thus even greater power.


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