Gears in Motion

Though not very fond on the production side of creative media, this week I was back in my element! We were tasked with producing a music video for a local folk musician. Though iffy about the whole thing before the appointed time, when it was time for action, I came alive. I was first involved in setting up the area; which required a level of health and safety awareness. We had to be mindful of where to plug the light cables and where to put the cameras/tripods. The only two hazards I identified were the microphone cables (the could have potential tripped someone over) and the camera and tripod which was placed near the door for several minutes. These to safety hazards could have been nullified by simply having cable covers for the cables that were loosely put on the floor, as for the camera and tripod, they were safely moved out of the way before anything bad happen. My  role in this production was a camera operator! The cameras we used were the Sony EA20 and the Sony VG20. My role entailed having keen vision to know which angle would work for the lighting we set up, making sure the camera is operating on the right format and to the best standard. We had to make sure the picture on all the cameras resembled each other as much as possible! So we had to set the gain, shutter speed, ISO and iris levels were all at the same level. We were very content with the visual we accomplished after about 1 hour of setting up everything. For lighting we used two sets of Arri 650W/300W 3 point lighting kits. In regards to the lighting the artist had a specific preference; telling us that she doesn’t want too much red; she wanted a more soft Amber type of colour lighting. With the help of the director we achieved a very well lit work space.  Handling and set-up the equipment was personally nothing new to me, the only new thing was the cameras we were using. I have thus far only been use to operations cannon DSLR camera, so I was not very familiar with the new camera or how to access the setting required to operate it to the fullest degree. One of our main issues during production was the high level of heat that we were dealing with! We were in a small studio space, with 6 professional lights turned on to full power for at least 2 hours! That was a safety hazard, and a very high one at that! Worse case scenario, someone could have potentially had a heat stroke. Mid-production I was happy with the level of communication we had amongst each other. Everyone communicated well and clearly to everybody. The interview at the end was also have nice to shoot. We had to totally change the lighting we previously had so that the two subjects be well lit. Finally, we were all happy with all the footage we captured! All round, I’d say I enjoyed getting back to going what I enjoy, I had a great time.


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