The main agenda of our recent project was making a marketing campaign for the Richard III centre  in Leicester. We were grouped together with second year students and left to our own creativity. To help us in the process we had guest creative practitioners lecturers coming in to talk to use and offer constructive criticism about our ideas. I was part of the social marketing plan team and we had to first research what a social marketing plan was and then produce one for the campaign. The most valuable criticism I personally received was on the social marketing plan I was working on with a fellow group member. We had all the information we need in regards to our marketing plan, but we didn’t write it down on a conventional template that was easier to understand than the one we had come up with. Nick McAffrey, one of our guest speakers gave us advice and stated that though the information was there, the layout in which it is presented in wasn’t right, so we had to go back and review our research and the result that came from that criticism was a better and easier to understand annual social marketing plan. As a group we also had to re-think and leave out a few ideas we had at the beginning. The main one we had to cut off was a 5 Days Of Old tour which was catered for American families. After looking at statistics and reviewing the packaged deal we found that it wouldn’t be ideal due to the distance between all the museums and attractions we wanted them to explore within this deal. As a group we did very well at the end…the only thing I would have chanced was that we used our time more effectively. Personally, I could have communicated more with the group and offered more ideas and suggestions.


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