Radio Placement

This is a very very belated post but nonetheless I will thus continue! For my fist placement this year I thought I should do something out of my comfort zone and learn another aspect of media. So I signed up for a radio placement with my partner in crime in New College Nottingham Radio . We had a lot of ideas of what to do with this placement! which is what prompted the enthusiasm to do it. When the placement started I knew one of my issues would be time punctuality so I made it an art to not be late, so as to not give the university a bad name so to say. In terms of the placement itself…I would say it was very short lived. because it was based in a college, when it was half-term for college students, the radio station was closed, and the other incident was when there was a staff strike in New Nottingham College so we couldn’t attend our placement. Our first programme we did as a team went well as a warm up, but because I wasn’t too familiar with the Adobe Audition software I made a mistake when saving the file that we recorded and it didn’t come out well. The following weeks I got use the how things ran and on our last week of placement we recorded our best programme. There were random technical issues as we recorded, but nothing big enough to stop us. All round it was a interesting placement.


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