Archer Season 7 

The following will be a view review in fulfilment for the Reflective Blogging module for my Fda media course. Let’s roll the tape! Continues below. Below are the examples of the posters mentioned.   Above is the for season 5 where the intelligent agency turns to drug dealing in Miami. The poster gives away character development … More Archer Season 7 

Affordance #101

In a few words, affordance is an environment/objects that through a collection of stimuli, affords the opportunity for the person to perform an action. So as a brief example, a shoelace affords being tied or food affords being ate to some degree. This is the same in the media industry.  Media products are made to … More Affordance #101


I am challenged to summarise my placement in seven or ten pictures as my new assignment. the task itself is not hard, but the perfectionist I am I have only been able to this of one picture vividly. My mind as been creatively blocked throughout the Easter holidays. After a brainstorming session with one of … More Photography