Affordance #101

In a few words, affordance is an environment/objects that through a collection of stimuli, affords the opportunity for the person to perform an action. So as a brief example, a shoelace affords being tied or food affords being ate to some degree. This is the same in the media industry.  Media products are made to stimulate actions whether it be consciencely or subconsciously. That’s what we have been looking the past two days. Today we visited Nottingham Contemporaty where we looked at some art pieces to review how different they would be if they were done in another form of media. My prime example is the old video tape player they had at the art exhibit which I have a video of below  

If someone was to make you listen to the audio of it playing it would sound like you’re listening to a car engin because of how loud it is, a still picture wouldn’t capture how it works in comparison to the more modern video player we have now that don’t even require film tape and all the heavy metals it required to make it. It was very nice see something vintage and different to what we use in our day and time and Nottingham Contemporaty and I’d recommend going to the art exhibit to everybody. 



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