Archer Season 7 

The following will be a view review in fulfilment for the Reflective Blogging module for my Fda media course.
Let’s roll the tape!

Continues below.

Below are the examples of the posters mentioned.

  Above is the for season 5 where the intelligent agency turns to drug dealing in Miami. The poster gives away character development as see on the poster, the lead female becomes pregnant and another character decides to she wants to be best country music artist.

Above is the current poster for season 7. The only dead giveaway is the change in location. The Palm tree gives you a hint that things in this season might be based in California and not back on New York.


Above is the promo trailer for season 7 which isn’t really giving away much of the storyline for this current season. In fact, it seems as if everything is running normally and the only difference is that change of location from New York to California.


That ends this review.


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