For collaboration in my radio placement in New College Nottingham Radio Station, I didn’t have a “leader” or someone was in charge of me per-say. Gavin over looked our production in general…but he just left us to do whatever we wanted to do! Which I really enjoyed. I really liked the creative freedom we had! … More Collaboration

Research: Technical

The whole year of university I have learned to use two new software’s. The first one was video editing software called Avid  where I learned to edit a multi-camera music video for the first time in Confetti in first term for a artist call Alexa Hawkswoth, a native Nottingham artist. Most recently in my radio placement … More Research: Technical


In terms of research methods this academic year I wasn’t afraid to hit the books, unlike my years in college where I just stuck to online research such as videos and articles on Google.This year in particular in second term of my first year we were all involve in a group assignment promoting the Richard III … More Research-Conceptual