What is my practice?


“What is my practice?” is a question I have been asking myself for a few years now, and coming to university helped me narrow down what I want my creative practice to be. Since starting university in September I have been thinking what path I want to take as my career, and I finally came to a conclusion that I overall want to be very good at every aspect of media (producer, camera operator, sound engineer, director and editor) because all of those skills come to play for the main goal that I am really going to reach, which is to be a successful  showrunner! Doing my radio placement in NCN Radio FM which is a 24/7 on-air student radio station really helped me in learning how to mix audio and use a new software called Adobe Audition. Being that I want to become a show-runner, I would also like to personally be able to be in charge of multiple roles, while also being responsible for the daily duties for the whole show. While being in university, I have taken steps towards my career by starting to write up my proposes, (as seen below) doing this teaches me how to structure my proposes to a professional standard for the future.

Capture  Proposal.

One of the vital personal skills I have learned that are necessary for my practice is the skill of presenting! being a confident public speaker and articulating my research so a standard worthy of getting a high grade. Using everything I have learned since September, I will be filming a few short films over summer and taking a few trips to different cities to take pictures. Doing all this will add more material into my online portfolio and enhance my CV.


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