For collaboration in my radio placement in New College Nottingham Radio Station, I didn’t have a “leader” or someone was in charge of me per-say. Gavin over looked our production in general…but he just left us to do whatever we wanted to do! Which I really enjoyed. I really liked the creative freedom we had! The fact that Alicia Massamba (my co-host) and I had the freedom to make any kind of radio program we felt like making(within the proper guidelines). If we just wanted to do a podcast for that week, we were free to do so or if we wanted to just play music, we were also open to doing that. The programs we recorded we a mix between music and podcast, being that some of them stretched for more than an hour when we mixed the music into the audio. My co-host was really the best I could have gotten being that our personalities and humour were very similar and we could easily bounce off each other and have great conversations on the spot. The main problem we had to work on was the times Alicia and I would meeting and plan what we doing for that weeks programs. We always tried to meet up at least 2 or 3 times so we could bounce ideas off one another and decide which one we wanted to go with that Wednesday.


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