Reflections. Career Aspirations


So what next for you and why? Well, over the summer I intend on filming a short film, writing a few more proposals for the ideas I’ve had for television shows to further my goal of being a showrunner. I might also take a few photos and see if I can get a bit more work experience so I have more to add on my CV and my media portfolio.In analysing my progress this year, I would say I have gained a lot more confidence in presenting, I can use two more additional software’s that I couldn’t use before I started university, and got introduced to the radio industry. I haven’t been as focused as I should have been in my assignments, which is really something I need to pick up and do better in my second year of university. My skills in research have been heightened in the sense that I no longer just stick to looking at online material and copying and pasting things as I use to do in years past. I think if I can organise having a study group of my peers for second year, that will help me improve my grades and some of my personal improvements I need to fix, such as procrastination and leaving work last minute.



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