In terms of research methods this academic year I wasn’t afraid to hit the books, unlike my years in college where I just stuck to online research such as videos and articles on Google.This year in particular in second term of my first year we were all involve in a group assignment promoting the Richard III Centre in Leicester. [for more information see And the winner is… blog post] This assignment in particular forced me to step out of my comfort zone in terms of. I had to live in the library for a couple of days reading books on social marketing plans such as (500 Social Media Marketing Tips and The Art of Social Marketing), which was new to me. As a rule for starting my research I always tend to start online, but I realise now that online material is subject to limitations and lack a certain depth to them, where as books are specifically written by people who experts in their field and go into detail no matter what the subject area you’re trying to get knowledge about. Looking back reflectively, I would say the one thing I should have done in the research stage of this assignment is looked at how other museums social marketing strategies around Nottingham and personally interviewed the people who worked at museums such as Nottingham Castle. For my placement in NCN Radio I didn’t have to really conduct a lot of research, it was more so to keep up with current events and looking for socially relevant topics to talk about each week.


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