Research: Technical

The whole year of university I have learned to use two new software’s. The first one was video editing software called Avid  where I learned to edit a multi-camera music video for the first time in Confetti in first term for a artist call Alexa Hawkswoth, a native Nottingham artist. Most recently in my radio placement I had to learn how to use Adobe Audition. Adobe Audition is a audio editing software used to edit and record audio. You can use this software if you’re recording a Podcast, music and in general editing your audio for video production. It was not really hard to understand and use being that I have had experience recording music and using similar software’s to mix music. The only improvement in regards to my radio placement and technical research development was that I learned how to use the audio desk and learning about audio levels, how to fade in and out using the audio mixer desk and structuring a radio program.


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