Team Work

Today we had a group meeting to establish what are all of our roles, and what are the steps we’re going to take to achieve to reach our goals on the set date for the 9th of December. this was very constructive. Above are the notes and the roles that everyone has been assigned. Advertisements


So I finally got my hand on the footage of the interview my team did with Derry Shillitoe, and I just realised I how soon the presentation and the edit are due. No sweat, one thing I would change about working in this team is the communication level…because there is none! Everybody just does their … More Recovery

The choice is…

After must thought I have chose to do my digital media convergence report on the African / Caribbean Society. Being that Black History Month is in October and we’re in…October, in just seems like that best thing to do, plus I feel as if I can talk about that more than I can anything else … More The choice is…

More days missed

More lectures have been missed due to this ridiculous fact that my sickness is just getting worse my the week. I don’t see this assignment ending well for me at all! My group has no communication whatsoever! I haven’t heard anything about assigning specific roles to individuals or when we’re shooting our interview with our … More More days missed


Concerning my next report… I am swayed by two ideas. My first idea being that I do it on a organisation that host raves (parties) around the UK…or the midlands to be precise. on the other had I want to do it on the African / Caribbean Society as an organisation. I personally have not … More Brainstorming

Crowdfunding 2

Although I’m still sick, and getting worse somehow…I have been looking at the difference between all these various crowdfunding websites. A particular article by WayToBlue has been very useful in helping me which crowdfunding websites are more catered to what type of projects. I had hoped to attend my lecture on Friday because we had … More Crowdfunding 2


We have an assignment based around crowdfunding in the media industry. Personally this is a new field for me…I’m not eager to do this work due to the fact that I’m very sick currently so I cant do much because I can’t focus properly. But from what I know, there are numerous crowdfunding websites…such as … More Crowdfunding