Knowledge is Power 2

The season for education has finally come around yet again…This time I’m speaking as a 2nd year university student. People often say that 2nd year is harder than 1st year, but that’s truly due to the respective course you have chosen to be on, my course is not that intimidating at all! I just personally dread the paperwork more than anything. Anyway, I am now assigned with a module titled “Critical Thinking” in with I have to explore trends in convergence digital media and how the use of digital and network technology is being used to facilitate the entertainments industry around Nottingham. I am first prompted to research what “convergence media” is, being that I have never come across that phrase  or term before. What I have found out thus for is that convergence media on one hand means “coming together of different equipment and tools for producing and distributing news” on the other hand it is also defined as a “flow of content across multiple media platforms” as stated by an online article. My fist task at hand is to produce and 1500 word report around the subject of convergence media, followed by and 5 to 10 min podcast around my chosen venue/event around Nottingham.


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