Crowdfunding 2

Although I’m still sick, and getting worse somehow…I have been looking at the difference between all these various crowdfunding websites. A particular article by WayToBlue has been very useful in helping me which crowdfunding websites are more catered to what type of projects. I had hoped to attend my lecture on Friday because we had 2 guest speakers, one of them being Derry Shillitoe, the director and producer of Boomerang Kids, an up and coming web series that needs crowdfunding. I think thats what I’m going to be presenting a marketing campaign about later on in the weeks to come. As for now I have nothing to show for it bit research findings and blog posts because I’m so sick I cant even walk to the kitchen…maybe I should see a doctor, who knows.

Additional References

From Dream to Silver Screen: The 10 Best Crowdfunding Sites For Movies – by Mark Rad

The statistics behind film crowdfunding: Part 1

Film Crowdfunding Stats: 8 Insights from 22,000 Campaigns

11 Tips for Crowdfunding: How to Raise Money From Strangers


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