More days missed

More lectures have been missed due to this ridiculous fact that my sickness is just getting worse my the week. I don’t see this assignment ending well for me at all! My group has no communication whatsoever! I haven’t heard anything about assigning specific roles to individuals or when we’re shooting our interview with our creative practitioner…the latter of which I think was done this passing Friday. At this point all I  can do I simply carry on with my research, wait to get footage off one of the people in my  group and start my edit soon after. This is really not a good start to my academic year, but I press on still.

Here are a few screenshot of some websites I visited in relation to my assignment


From the beginning the editing style of this video grabs your attention and make you want to watch it


Unlike the screenshot at the top, the poster for this project got my attention (no shock to that, sex(iness) still sells) but their pitching video is very plain, and that might have a part to play as to why their funding is so low in comparison.




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