So I finally got my hand on the footage of the interview my team did with Derry Shillitoe, and I just realised I how soon the presentation and the edit are due. No sweat, one thing I would change about working in this team is the communication level…because there is none! Everybody just does their own thing and I don’t even think roles have been assigned to anyone; granted I have been away for about 2/3 weeks and this was my first Friday back. I  have started my edit of the interview-


and so far its going pretty well! I’m just playing around with the footage seeing what works and what doesn’t, being that its my first time using Final Cut Pro. All I have left to do now is prepare for my proposal presentation and actually have a sit down talk with my “team” to see what we’re going to do about this website deadline in December. I would personally like to complete the work and get it out the way as soon as possible.


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