Video Research

While researching different video ideas, I was looking at how different museums promoted their exhibits to their audience. Below are a list of videos and my thoughts on how they might be improved and how that specific video inspires me.


Capturing numerous views from visitors is a very good idea, although I think that if you’re trying to appeal to kids you should have a very animated person/character that is going to keep them engaged and hype them up for the trip, so that is what I would do differently in this video, although I do like that there are kids talking and giving their view and reaction.

from the gate this kids promotional video has up-beat music that hits your senses! with the use of cut-aways they show some activities that the Beaumont Children’s Museum offers, which have a lot of footage with kids enjoying themselves. The only thing I am iffy about is the narrators don’t really match the up-beat music and energy of the overall video! So I would swap the presenters out for more energetic people

I like this video. I think something like this provides an element of reliability, there is no presenter, what you see is what you get!


There is yet more research to do…


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