Leicester Arts Museum

As part of my research, I have to look at different museums and how they promote educational visits. The first museum I came across was Leicester Arts Museum, and the theme disappointed me from the get go. This is because it seems as though the marketing team, did not put any thought into this. It looks more like a colouring book than anything.

Though it has slight interactive features that would interest the average kid, overall this was not a well marketed Museum. I’m almost certain that many children would not be excited to visit the Museum just by looking at the page, it would take a lot more convincing. A lot can be done to improve this Museum’s educational page.

What I got out of this is that including features such as questions, and answers to the children might come in handy. As i supposes many children before visiting a new place, they always have questions so answering them before hand, will probably ignite a little enthusiasm. This is something worth considering during the assignment.

Leicester Arts Museum


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