Nottingham Castle Presentation

Although our group didn’t at all have any actual team work, we finally pulled it off! The last few hours leading up to the presentation things seemed bad because Harry had to quickly do some teachers packs sheets because Natasha didn’t do then. I was late because I was helping Alicia with a problem she had with printing her teachers packs. Jon Amazingly presented everything by himself (I heard) and he did a good job.

Criticism: I have to start talking more in group work projects. Staying silence and assigning myself a role doesn’t help the overall team and work ends up becoming harder.

Learnt: I have learnt the lengths that museums go to reach their target audience! weather it be schools, adults and even international outreach, research is highly essential to everything in the media industry. I have also gained a bit of knowledge in editing! You have to be involved in all of the pre-production, and also give the editors perspective in the action production so that the outcome is a best quality video targeted directly at the audience it is intended for.


Although my team didn’t win this time around, I won last year…so I don’t mind, I’m just glad everything worked out in the end.


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