Elite in Production

This evening I  had my first job under my company’ name Elite Nation Studios. It was a live music event call The Interlude in Nottingham. I was asked to be the photographer by the even organiser. I was aiming to take photos of peoples facial expressions because they will be more useful in terms being … More Elite in Production

Business Work 2

After my last Business post I have started working on Adobe AfterEffects to make a introduction video for the Consultantium website. Working on the video composition is a little hard because I am very skilled in using the AfterEffects software, but I am willing to learn and see what happens.


So I finally got my hand on the footage of the interview my team did with Derry Shillitoe, and I just realised I how soon the presentation and the edit are due. No sweat, one thing I would change about working in this team is the communication level…because there is none! Everybody just does their … More Recovery

More days missed

More lectures have been missed due to this ridiculous fact that my sickness is just getting worse my the week. I don’t see this assignment ending well for me at all! My group has no communication whatsoever! I haven’t heard anything about assigning specific roles to individuals or when we’re shooting our interview with our … More More days missed


We have an assignment based around crowdfunding in the media industry. Personally this is a new field for me…I’m not eager to do this work due to the fact that I’m very sick currently so I cant do much because I can’t focus properly. But from what I know, there are numerous crowdfunding websites…such as … More Crowdfunding

Research: Technical

The whole year of university I have learned to use two new software’s. The first one was video editing software called Avid  where I learned to edit a multi-camera music video for the first time in Confetti in first term for a artist call Alexa Hawkswoth, a native Nottingham artist. Most recently in my radio placement … More Research: Technical

Archer Season 7 

The following will be a view review in fulfilment for the Reflective Blogging module for my Fda media course. Let’s roll the tape! Continues below. Below are the examples of the posters mentioned.   Above is the for season 5 where the intelligent agency turns to drug dealing in Miami. The poster gives away character development … More Archer Season 7 

Poetic Mindset

George The Poet is a 24-year-old from Harlesden, London. I specificity chose this poetic piece of his as a point of interest because I admire the way he captured the ever evolving loop of “boy meets girl”. I find that the metaphors he employs depict the picture he’s painting more vivid and artistic. The background music that is … More Poetic Mindset