Archer Season 7 

The following will be a view review in fulfilment for the Reflective Blogging module for my Fda media course. Let’s roll the tape! Continues below. Below are the examples of the posters mentioned.   Above is the for season 5 where the intelligent agency turns to drug dealing in Miami. The poster gives away character development … More Archer Season 7 


The main agenda of our recent project was making a marketing campaign for the Richard III centre  in Leicester. We were grouped together with second year students and left to our own creativity. To help us in the process we had guest creative practitioners lecturers coming in to talk to use and offer constructive criticism about … More Complete

Here we go again

Its the second term of university! I haven’t been blogging as often as I should be, but here I go. From the first week we got back from the Christmas holidays its been busy. We’ve been given a marketing campaign for the Richard III centre . The first and second years have been put in … More Here we go again

First Term Over

The first term is finally over! This term was easier than I thought it would be. being that I took a gap year away from education, I has intended to use the first term as a warm up of sorts…to you know, get back in to the flow of writing essays and doing course work … More First Term Over

Final Deadlines

The final deadline have come and gone…everyone I know in university have left and gone home and I ham still here. A unforeseen problem occurred on Friday and the class couldn’t submit our final video edit work which was required. most of use could have submitted this work way before the deadline date came, but … More Final Deadlines

Poetic Mindset

George The Poet is a 24-year-old from Harlesden, London. I specificity chose this poetic piece of his as a point of interest because I admire the way he captured the ever evolving loop of “boy meets girl”. I find that the metaphors he employs depict the picture he’s painting more vivid and artistic. The background music that is … More Poetic Mindset