Research Poster

New week, new module. This time we have to think of a question in relation to our own media practices, and answer that question purely through research…we are making a research poster. Advertisements

Client Module 

Working in university, we have now been given a module wherein we have to work with a client or produce content for a competition to fulfil the brief at hand. I have found my client and look forward to working on this module because it’s a chance to show what I can actually do

New module

The module is focused on client work and how we can solve or find a solution for a company/client that we’ll be working with. The three things I have taken away from this seminar is that I need to produce evidence and more than one design for whoever I am going to be working for. … More New module

Elite P3

  This is what I have recently been working on for Elite Nation Studios. I have setup the Instagram page so I can publish my work and I’ve been getting really good feedback. Take a look below.

Risk Assesment

Film Production Risk Assessment Form Today I finally finished the risk assessment for, this form is very very important in production because we will need to know what to do in case of a fire in whatever location we end up shooting in. The risk assessment will also have all the emergency numbers we might … More Risk Assesment

Elite P2

Elite Nation Studios strikes again! I have another client that wants help producing media content. I took these photos of him in the gym and he’s also willing to pay.

Production Schedule

Production schedule Today I put together a production schedule for the whole production team to estimate our workflow and roughly when we should be finish with all of our research. Click on the link above to see the document.

Elite in Production

This evening I  had my first job under my company’ name Elite Nation Studios. It was a live music event call The Interlude in Nottingham. I was asked to be the photographer by the even organiser. I was aiming to take photos of peoples facial expressions because they will be more useful in terms being … More Elite in Production