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Crowdfunding- Group Bibliography

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I find that Final Cut Pro if easier and better to use than Premiere Pro. The default plug-ins are easily implemented into the video composition. Editing the trailer with a dramatic narrative is becoming easier because I have a plan and great compositions at my disposal. I have been researching and still am researching how … More Trailer

Podcast Editing

Instead of editing on Adobe Audition, I’ve chose to try doing it on Final Cut Pro. I did this because I realised that Final Cut has audio effects and I just chose to experiment and play around with them and ended up liking the results.

Podcast Structure

Above are the questions I have structured for my podcast. I have chosen these question because I think they will get deeper answers and responses from the people I ask. The studio looks like a 100% possibilities. I’m looking forward to recording.

Group meetings

The team has really been communication very well in the past few days and it seems like we’re actually getting things done. Everyone knows what they’re doing and we’re showing each other our progression in stages.

Trailer Research-P2

Looking at different trailers on Kickstarter are helping be to get more of an idea of how I want to edit my trailer of this crowdfunding champagne. An Australian production company that’s looking to produce a comedy web-series have both an interview and a trailer of their series, so I might alter the duration of my … More Trailer Research-P2


I’ve been looking at more podcast and found Drink Champs, hosted by well-known rapper icon N.O.R.E In this podcast he asks guest (which are predominantly very well known rappers such as 50 cent, Fat Joe and JadaKiss) about the highlights of their careers and to seeks to pull interesting industry stories they have gone through … More Podcast-2

For a Purpose

Today I took some pictures of one of my friends that wanted some photos for his website. Being that he’s a journalist student, and he aspires to be in the radio industry, so I thought it would be nice that we take the pictures in a recording studio.

Business Work 2

After my last Business post I have started working on Adobe AfterEffects to make a introduction video for the Consultantium website. Working on the video composition is a little hard because I am very skilled in using the AfterEffects software, but I am willing to learn and see what happens.