New week, new work. The first real assignment is to listen to 3 different audio clips and make them visual. The first 2 tracks I feel, sound similar and the 3rd audio sounds like runway music for a fashion show. At the moment, I don’t know what I’m going to do…but I’ll see what I … More Assignment1

Day 5

Looks like i got everything confused, I have just read the assignment outline again, and i have been doing everything wrong. I had to make a showreel showcasing my work and not a showreel of myself. I managed to get footage of some of the work i have done, i edited it. I am pleased … More Day 5

Day 4

Today I managed to get the arcade shots in, and a few shots around the town centre. with the same objective being to maintain some kind of mystery in every shot, that being to not show my whole face only for it to be revealed in the final shot. I should start my editing tonight.

Day 3

I have to travel back home to collect my piano and a few documents, hopefully i get to finish this tomorrow.

Day 2

In the middle of my storyboard, i have ideas to shoot multiple shots in the town centre, with me wearing a hoodie, just so it looks mysterious.. Will be doing some gym shots, piano shots and the ongoing theme throughout all these shots is to not show my face. It will only be revealed at … More Day 2

Day 1

First day back, the challenge is to make a 30 second visual illustration of your work.. Ive got an idea, i can not wait to put it together

Research Poster 2

I have finalised my question, “does visual poetry have more impact than spoken word” this is a great question for me because I am also working on producing a visual poem inthe middle of these two assignments I’m currently working on!